Italy’s #1 Marketplace Proves Value and Brand with iovox


The Challenge

Proving Marketplace Value to Clients

Subito, part of Adevinta, is Italy’s #1 marketplace operating in four main vertical markets; Automotive, Real Estate, Market/Classifieds, and Jobs. The company has 37 different categories, serving more than 13 million buyers and sellers monthly. The popular marketplace generates a tremendous amount of traffic with more than 53 million page views and 124,000 new ads approved every day, ranking it among the top 10 most visited online brands in Italy.

Since much of the business in the Subito marketplace is conducted by phone, Subito’s goal in eval-uating call tracking solutions was to bring visibility to lead attribution and demonstrate value of the Subito platform to its clients.

  • 8th Place

    Online Brand Ranking 2019*

  • 6 Million

    Daily online live ads

  • 5 Million

    App installs

  • 11 Million

    Unique visitors per month

  • 10 Minutes

    Average time per visit


The Solution

Dedicated Numbers, Call Whispers and Missed Call Alerts

When comparing the goals of improving attribution clarity and enhancing brand reminders, the team at Subito decided to implement a combination of iovox solutions designed to fit their objectives. Those solutions included Dedicated iovox Numbers, which enable the evaluation of incoming calls for the professional sellers on the Subito platform.

The second feature implemented alongside Dedicated iovox Numbers, was Call Whispers. The whispers feature says “This is a call from Subito” to the called party just before the call begins, is short enough to not interrupt the flow of the call, but gives Subito the opportunity to make thousands of brand impressions every day.

To provide their clients with actionable information, Subito also implemented a Missed Call feature that provides clients with an alert via email or SMS whenever a call is missed so they can proactively engage with prospects and avoid lost opportunities.

Lastly, the iovox Analytics features of the iovox platform enables clients to keep track of all the calls they receive as a result of advertisements published on the Subito platform, which is another reminder of Subito’s value.

“We knew iovox had expertise in the marketplace category and thanks iovox’s call tracking services, our professional clients have complete, real-time visibility on all the telephone leads that arrive that are a direct result of ads published on the Subito platform.”

Andrea Volontè, Director of Sales

The Results

Clear Attribution and Thousands of Daily Brand Reminders

The implementation of iovox solutions has enabled Subito to quantitatively prove ROI to the professional sellers on their platform while at the same time enhancing their profile and image with customers through brand reminders and analytics.

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