Analyze thousands of phone calls with Conversational AI

Automatically transcribe calls to text and analyze with AI. Discover call trends, upsell opportunities, call outcomes, and employee coaching opportunities.

iovox Insights call outcomes

Spot Trends, Opportunities, and Outcomes at Scale

iovox Insights highlights key phrases and lets you spot trends, opportunities, and outcomes.

What is each call about?
Which products/services are most callers interested in?
What are the key challenges that callers are talking about?

Improve customer data

Get Deeper Insights About your Customers

Are callers interested in additional products or services that you sell?
What competing products and their features are your callers interested in?
What factors are driving purchase decisions?

iovox Use Cases

  • Identify trends in the number of bedrooms callers are looking for in a neighborhood.
  • Calculate how many callers booked appointments to tour a home or test drive a car.
  • Understand how many callers have a house to sell or a car to trade in.
Improve qualified leads

Improve Lead Qualification

Where is the caller in the buyer’s journey? Is the caller a hot lead?

  • Use keywords to improve lead qualification.
  • Identify keywords that influence a sale.
  • Assign the right sales team members for follow up calls.
  • Use trigger based alerts to prioritize hot leads.
Determine cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Find Upsell & Cross-Sell opportunities

What related challenges are callers talking about? Do they have any other requirements your company can fulfil?

  • iovox Insights identifies keywords and can send you trigger-based alerts.
  • These alerts can be used to upsell and cross-sell to your customers.
Gather customer data

Measure Customer Experience

How satisfied are callers with their experience?
What are callers dissatisfied about?

  • Use keywords to map sentiment analysis at scale
  • Identify keywords that increase customer satisfaction (CSAT)
Improve quality by identifying problems.

Identify Quality Problems & Train Your Team

Are your call center associates following scripts and processes?
Are your associates following legal requirements?

  • Screen transcribed call recordings for call quality problems
  • Get trigger alerts if call scripts are not followed or statutory phrases are missing from calls.
  • Spot keywords or phrases indicating compliance or privacy issues
  • Train and coach your associates to continuously improve.
  • Reduce average call handle time

Key Features

Automated Call Recordings
Automated Call Recordings
Automated Call Transcription
Automated Call Transcription
Define Keywords and Phrases to Identify
Define Keywords and Phrases to Identify
Search Call History
Search Call History
Trigger Alerts
Trigger Alerts
Integration with iovox Numbers
Integration with iovox Numbers

Instructional Videos for iovox Insights

Want to learn more about how Conversational AI works on the iovox platform? Please be sure to check out our Insights instructional video series:

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Advanced Options
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Advanced Options

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There’s much more to iovox than Conversational AI

When it comes to turning an ordinary business phone call into a valuable piece of data, iovox is the name to trust. Used by leading brands in 100+ countries, iovox expertly shows customers how to make the most of their phone data.

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