How Logic-Immo Improved Their Results with a 98% Recommendation Rate

How Logic-Immo Improved Their Results with a 98% Recommendation Rate

The Challenge

Improve responsiveness and quality and quantity of leads

Logic-Immo are leaders in real estate advertising in France. For 25 years, Logic-Immo has been editing property magazines, and for 15 years has been providing diverse digital solutions aimed at real estate professionals, such as real estate agencies, promoters, and builders. Logic-Immo’s initial goals were clear:

  • Improve the rate of response of inbound inquiries by allowing clients to effectively follow up, for example in the case of missed calls
  • Demonstrate the value of its platform in terms of both quality and volume of leads provided

The Solution

Dedicated Numbers, iovox API, and WebCallback

Using iovox APIs, a solution for inbound call tracking was established that allowed Logic-Immo to tangibly demonstrate to its customers the quantitative value of the Logic-Immo platform.

“We are happy that iovox understood our vision and our business model and then helped us to properly apply the APIs in a way that met our business objectives and timetables.”

Vincent Bozonnet, Chief Operating Officer
Inbound Call Tracking

The Results

Logic-Immo improved their results with a 98% Recommendation Rate

The use of WebCallback and call tracking analytics from iovox helped Logic-Immo stand out from the competition with the ability to offer its customers reliable and accurate acquisition and measurement tools. The deployment of the iovox tools on the Logic-Immo online portals has strengthened the quality of customer relations. Today, 98% of clients recommend Logic-Immo as a real estate advertising professional with diverse and powerful digital solutions.

“Thanks to iovox’s solutions we’ve been able to make ourselves stand out in the market.”

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