How REA Group Leads the Way in Proving Value to Clients

REA Group

The Challenge

More visibility of the quality lead metrics

Based in Australia, REA Group is a leading global digital media business that specializes in property across 20+ different brands in eight countries. As a diverse digital media business specializing in properties, REA Group helps people with many facets of the property experience including; buying, renting, selling, renovations, property news, and lifestyle content.

Prior to the deployment of iovox’s call tracking solutions, REA Group website visitors could download a document, complete a form to request more information, or click a button to reveal a phone number which may or may not lead to a phone call. The first two of these three lead capture activities, the document download and filling out the form, are considered “hard leads” or a lead that is easily quantifiable. The phone number reveal was a “soft lead” because while REA Group could quantify how many times the reveal button was clicked, there was no hard evidence that the reveal resulted in a phone call, and if it did, the call was indistinguishable from other calls coming in from other sources.

REA’s initial goals were clear:

  • Clear up ambiguity on phone number reveals and making phone calls “hard leads” instead of “soft leads”.
  • Demonstrate the value of its platform in terms of both quality and volume of leads provided.

The Solution

One simple solution - Call Tracking and Analytics from iovox

Call Tracking and Analytics, Dedicated Numbers, and Call Whispers

Using the iovox call tracking solution which added unique dedicated numbers to a large number of their project profiles, REA now provides a call whisper to the called party informing that the source of the call was an REA Group media channel. The iovox call tracking and analytics assess quantity of calls delivered to clients, how many were answered, how many were missed, among other data points.

“Now what we can do is actually have a transparent conversation on those metrics and say, this is what your project profile is delivering, this is the cost per lead for your project profiles and it helps us actually justify the ROI metrics and the cost of the product.”

Scott Holmes, Innovation & Strategy Manager
iovox Analytics

The Results

Complete visibility in leads makes for happy customers

According to Holmes, the iovox solution “makes it easier for us to value our product and be able to show value back to our customer.” REA Group is “quite happy with the numbers” and the ability to add phone calls as hard lead statistics has lead to an ROI that is “quite powerful” for REA Group.

Another powerful benefit is the enabling of fully transparent conversations with clients about business performance. Not only has this been positive for REA Group, but according to Holmes, their customers ‘love’ the new call tracking option and the visibility they now have about how many calls they are receiving from REA in comparison to other lead options.

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