9 Tried-And-Tested Marketing Ideas For Insurance Agencies

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insurancemarketing ideas

A well-planned marketing strategy can do wonders for your insurance business.

From improving brand awareness to increasing sales, the right marketing can skyrocket the growth of your insurance agency.

Creating a winning campaign may seem complicated but combining traditional and digital marketing strategies can make the process easier.

This article will cover nine brilliant marketing ideas for insurance agencies and how call tracking can help you leverage these strategies for maximum impact.

We will also introduce you to the ultimate conversational AI solution to measure the success of your marketing efforts.

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9 Brilliant Marketing Ideas For Insurance Agencies

The best marketing ideas help you communicate value to your customers clearly and encourage them to take action by purchasing your products.

Use these marketing ideas to acquire potential customers effectively.

  1. Referral Programs

    Most customers trust recommendations from their friends, family, or acquaintances more than any other form of advertising.

    A referral marketing strategy taps into your existing customer base and uses their connections to connect with a potential customer. This helps insurance agents quickly generate new insurance leads with minimal effort.

    Encourage your customers to participate in your referral program by offering them exciting incentives, such as:

    • Gift cards
    • Discounts
    • Cashback offers

    You can also offer tiered rewards that increase in value if the customer makes a certain amount of successful referrals for your insurance business as an added incentive.

    Don’t forget to market and promote your referral programs through digital marketing channels like social media and email marketing so that your customers are aware of them!

  2. Hand Out Business Cards

    While many businesses today rely on digital marketing and online marketing strategies, insurance agents and local businesses have always handed out business cards to introduce themselves.

    And for a good reason.

    Cards with a person’s contact information, such as name, address, email, and phone number, add a human touch and offer an instant recall value.

    You can distribute your business cards in the following ways:

    • Hand them out to your leads after a meeting.
    • Partner with newspapers or sellers of insurance magazines, asking them to attach your business card to relevant pages.
    • Attend industry-relevant events or webinars related to your insurance business. For example, if you sell life insurance policies, participate in health-related seminars and conferences.
    • Share your card with other salespeople or local businesses when interacting with them.
  3. Sponsoring Events

    Sponsor events that align with your insurance product.

    For example, if you are a health insurance agent or work in the health insurance industry and sell life insurance policies, you can sponsor an event related to heart health, fitness, or well-being.

    You can forge partnerships or sponsor charities, webinars, or other events relevant to your insurance industry within your local community.

    This helps you meet other insurance agents and salespersons to build your network and share your industry knowledge.

    Hand out goodies such as keychains, pens, notepads, etc., with your organization's branding.

    Prepare for such events by staying in touch with the organizations and authorities or subscribing to their email newsletters to receive regular updates.

  4. Guerrilla Marketing

    A guerrilla marketing strategy is a marketing tool that involves using unconventional means to evoke a feeling of shock, surprise, or wonder, to get the customers talking about your services.

    It differs from traditional billboard, television, and print advertising.

    You can conduct guerrilla marketing activities in local communities or public settings, like the streets, parks, beaches, shopping centers, sporting events, concerts, festivals, etc., for maximum exposure.

    Creative and unconventional means of promotion will help your insurance product stand out among the competitors.

    Here’s an example to help you better understand this strategy:

    Novocortex, a Dutch online car insurance company, placed easy-to-remove stickers with scratches on expensive cars and filmed the reactions of the car owners with hidden cameras.

    This video was posted on YouTube and has crossed thousands of views, bringing in tons of traffic.

    However, remember that going overboard and using the wrong tactics can also harm your insurance agency marketing and your business reputation. So tread carefully when it comes to guerrilla marketing.

  5. Social Media Marketing

    Social media marketing can help you build trust and credibility by allowing you to engage directly with your client.

    Moreover, quick responses to customer queries via social media can further help you build relationships with your current clients and improve customer loyalty.

    Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are just a few leading social media platforms that can help insurance agents cast a wide net to look for a potential customer.

    And while each of them has a distinct prerequisite for social media marketing, follow some of these guidelines to improve the social media presence of your insurance agency on your social media platform:

    • Add a professional profile picture containing the logo of your insurance company or yourself, if you are an independent insurance agent, along with an engaging cover photo.
    • Use call-to-action buttons for calls or website links that your client can click on to contact you directly.
    • Use Facebook marketing to reach a larger audience.
    • Offer transparent information about you, your agency, and your services.
    • Share insurance industry news, blog posts, tips, and information your target market will find beneficial.
    • Engage with followers and commenters regularly.
    • Seek feedback and address common client queries and complaints via your social media page.
  6. Online Reviews

    Positive reviews can be helpful for an insurance agency to win the trust of any potential client.

    Online reviews by happy customers are more believable than pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements and leave a better impression.

    It gives your potential client an insight into your work and how your customers have benefitted from your services.

    Agents can encourage their current clients to leave an online review or testimonial by dropping them a message, an email, or a pre-written template where they can add their reviews.

    Make sure you add and highlight your online review on your search engine business pages, your official website landing page, your social media platform pages, and email newsletters.

  7. Email Marketing

    Insurance agents can utilize an email marketing strategy to improve lead generation, keep in touch with the current or potential customer, and drive referrals.

    You can share blogs, email newsletters, or other posts about your insurance product and policies to attract customers and promote your insurance company.

    A few things insurance agents should keep in mind while sending out email marketing campaigns are:

    • Draft a compelling subject line since it's the first step to grabbing the audience's attention.
    • Send mailers on relevant insurance topics with good-quality content to gain the attention of your target audience.
    • Avoid sending too many promotional emails. Instead, focus on informational insurance content.
    • Add your contact information, such as name and phone number, to your email signature.
    • Add subscribe links to your websites and social media handles.
  8. Video Marketing

    Video marketing is a creative insurance marketing idea to engage and assist customers.

    Bite-sized informative, high-quality, entertaining videos can help you reach your target audience and overcome language and literacy barriers.

    Some types of videos that can deepen your audience reach include:

    • Client testimonial videos
    • Tutorial videos
    • Videos explaining your Insurance Policy
    • Videos that share best practices/ tips
    • Promotional videos that highlight your achievements, etc.
  9. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Search Engine Optimization involves helping your website rank higher on the search engine when prospective clients search for topics related to products or services you offer.

    Compared to pay-per-click advertising or PPC, SEO is a cost-effective way for insurance agents to reach out to their potential customers.

    While most searchers online skip ads that pop up on their screens, SEO can build trust and credibility and is a great technique for insurance marketing.

    Here are some things insurance agents can do to execute their SEO marketing strategy successfully:

    • Make a list of relevant topics based on the insurance products you offer.
    • Write blogs on important insurance topics using relevant keywords.
    • Add meta titles and meta descriptions to your blogs and landing pages.
    • Use local SEO to make your business visible in local results.
    • Publish quality content that conveys useful information and provides well-researched insurance content to your client.
    • Add backlinks
    • Use Google Analytics to get statistics and basic analytical tools for search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing.

    You can also use free tools by Google Analytics to better understand the customer journey in your insurance marketing campaigns and increase the ROI on your insurance marketing ideas.

These insurance marketing ideas not only help you generate more traffic for your website but also bring in new insurance leads and prospective clients.

Are these ideas enough?

Choosing the right insurance policy is a challenging task for most people, so they prefer to contact the insurance agents over a phone call for better clarity.

It is essential for insurance agents to follow up and identify which marketing strategies are the most effective in driving those calls.

This is where call tracking can help you.

Call tracking helps insurance agents obtain valuable data about customer needs, measure marketing efforts, improve lead generation and conversion rates, and train their employees.

Make the Most Out of Your Marketing With Call Tracking

Conversation intelligence tools or call tracking software help insurance agencies gain insights into:

  • What’s happening on a sales call
  • How well your insurance brokers are handling the new clients that are coming in via your marketing campaign
  • Which digital marketing campaigns are successful in bringing new customers
  • How marketing plans can be optimized to add a personalized touch to your marketing strategies.

Without call tracking, it will be difficult to track the success of your insurance marketing efforts.

Ready to reap the many benefits of call tracking?

We have the perfect solution for you.

iovox: The Best Call Tracking Solution For Insurance Agencies

iovox is the all-in-one solution to your business needs and will help you improve your insurance marketing strategy.

Its conversational AI draws critical customer interaction data, such as opportunities, trends, and call outcomes from phone calls.

You can also transcribe and record your calls to analyze customer interactions, perform quality checks and encourage growth.

Here are some advanced iovox call tracking solutions that help improve your overall performance:

  • Dedicated Numbers: iovox Dedicated Numbers gather important call analytical data such as call status, channel, call length, and caller ID. It can be integrated with iovox API for maximum efficiency. This helps you monetize calls and measure the performance of your marketing efforts.
  • Dynamic Numbers: iovox Dynamic Numbers Call Tracking adds a pool of dedicated numbers to your account to track any prospect that visits your site, and each new customer is assigned a unique dynamic number.
  • Record and Transcribe Calls: Record calls and transcribe them into searchable content that can be added to your CRM system. You can find what was said on a call and when using the automate call transcription feature.
  • CRM Integrations: Use iovox CRM integrations to keep all critical sales call information in one location. Capture important conversion data, such as pages visited by the new customer before making the call and add them to the CRM record for a complete review.

Let’s look at some other iovox conversational AI features:

  • Search call history: Go through your call history easily and quickly by entering the customer’s name, number, or any keywords you may have noted down during the call to obtain a history of your searched term.
  • Integration with iovox Numbers: Integrate iovox Numbers with your existing products or advertisements to track calls online and measure your marketing performance.
  • Trigger alerts: Get triggered alerts if the call script is not followed or any important phrases are mentioned on the calls.

Final Thoughts

With these nine marketing strategies, business owners can establish a strong presence for their insurance agency and increase brand awareness to stay ahead of the competition.

However, that isn’t all you need.

Call tracking can help you measure the success of your marketing campaign and help you derive actionable data to increase sales, build relationships and improve your overall performance.

iovox’s conversational AI helps businesses around the world turn phone calls into golden opportunities for revenue growth and performance improvement.

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